Characters(book 1)Edit

  1. Keith Rashfield
  2. Elisha Sunderland
  3. Tina Townshend
  4. Walter Sullivan

Characters (book 2)Edit

  1. Jake Sullivan
  2. Napoleon Waywright
  3. Sapphire Kennedy
  4. Dark Walter Sullivan
  5. Keith Rashfield
  6. Elisha Sunderland


  1. Emerald Kennedy
  2. Nicolas Kennedy
  3. Christelle Grant
  4. Aznan McGuire
  5. Jeffrey Kennedy
  6. Sally Prudance
  7. Jill Waywright

Black December charactersEdit

  1. Reynard McGuire
  2. Ronald McGuire
  3. Napoleon Waywright
  4. Jordin Tyler
  5. Julliard Saunders
  6. Carmen McGuire
  7. Rupert McGuire

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