Emerald KennedyEdit

Emerald Kennedy is the main Protagonist of the Novel: Silent Hill: Nowhere.

Emerald Is a 19-year old girl that lives in Bayard with her Family, But they moved out Afrter A Huge incident that happened in bayard in 1940. However, after ten years, they returned to their beloved town and lived to peacefully, But everything wasn't like Before, some of the roads are destroyed, and it is manifested by Heavy fog.

But still, on 1944, Their mother died on a freak "plane Crash" where no one survived, even the plane crew, her father and brother, Fled to search for clues if the accident is true, but they never came back.


On the a morning of 1954, her brother came back warning her that a disaster will happen, and forced emerald to move out of bayard, but it the "disaster" came too early, Forcing the Siblings to go on Seperate ways, and search clues for their Sister; Sapphire Kennedy and ultimately, Their Missing Father.