A computer drawing of the 'Void'


An existense in Reynard's nightmares with the intention to perish and take the soul of everything in her sight when she goes agressive..

It has two split arms because of the two corresponding bones on her arms. She also has split legs. It screams loudly, penetrating the ears of the foe to stagger around. In fact, she is very timid. She just don't like the environment of people with weapons. She appeared when Leon and Rey went to the hospital.

While Leon is fighting a batch of nurses, the void dragged Rey down to the floor and took him indside the room. In fact, the room is not covered with blood or rust (because they are in the other world) . Rey and the void are locked inside the room. This is the part where it gets real fighty.


The void symbolizes a woman's agression and revenge. Like Rey's mother, she always boss him around and argues with her husband.