This is an imaginary journal made by Reynard McGuire, a journalist who ought to gather information about Brahms.

He lives with his brother, Ronald McGuire in Southern part of Ashton.He was once living a normal life with his parents being killed, due to punishment by the court by intentionally comitting crime.His parents killed a lot of citizens in Silent Hill because they do not respect the beliefs of the Order.

After all the struggles that have been done by Reynard, he was promoted and was ordered to transfer to Brahms.Year 2009, the brothers travel to Brahms. But Rey was too sleepy to drive so he was too confused on which way to go. They speed up turbulently and a police man, further known as Napoleon Waywright chased them.

They accidently took a route to an intersecting road to Silent Hill, and drove straight further.Then, a blizzard struck the town as they transitted into the elevation of the ice struck Toluca Bridge being unable for them to escape.So, they fell down the bridge (except the police) and into the water.When Rey woke up, he found out that his brother is missing. Now, its time to fullfill his mission and search all around Silent Hill, fight monsters, overcome serious obstacles to find his brother.