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Silent hill Nightmarish Dreams=== A Two-book Novel about the Story of a 24-year old adult who has been haunted by the room 302.

(see Silent hill 4:the room)


Keith Rashfield is living Normally in his apartment in South Ashton. in South Ashton Heights.

But not Until he had His worst Nightmarish Dream.

The story Starts 2 days before his birthday, November 19.

on that night, Keith had a Harsh Nightmare, Forcing him to leave his apartment for a few days to celebrate his birthday at Shepherd'd Glen with his Uncle.

But after a strange incident . he and his friend, Elisha Sunderland, accidentally went to Silent hill. and there, he found out why all of those strange dreams are Invading him, and ultimately, why his HOME is haunted.

Main CharactersEdit

(See Characters book 1 )


*Bad Ending

the Main ending of the 1st part of the novel where the protagonists Keith Rashfield and Elisha Sunderland was Brutally Murdered by the Ghost or hauntings of Walter Sullivan.

*Good Ending

The Alternate Ending of the 1st part wherein Keith Survives From his Nightmares and Returned to South Ashton to Celebrate his birthday than be Murdered.