Schism (Telcast)Edit

The Schism is a tall, pale, gangly, humanoid monster seen in Silent Hill: Homecoming. Their most distinct features are their head, which is elongated and ends in a cruel blade, and a single elongated arm. Its mouth runs down its entire head, and it splits vertically, much like several other monsters in previous entries in the series. It has a set of dull teeth that run down the entire length of its head and when its mouth opens its tongue can be seen flailing about. However, it usually just uses its bladed snout and wicked claws to attack. Alex Shepherd first encounters them in the police station.


In the novel Silent hill: nowhere, the creature is called a Telcast, the appearance of the creature is almost the same as the Schism in SIlent hill:homecoming. in the novel, it attacks in groups or sometimes, a whole Army. Emerald first encounters one of these in the reverse world of the Reugom Sports Complex, where she was dragged by the creature and tried to kill her.


The telcasts Cruel blade head represents Emerald's desire to suicide(not mentioned in the story) because of her family's disappearance. on her brother, it's his fear of sharp things, especially the cruel blade, when his friend died on a trap in the Midwich elementary school in silent hill