Tina TownshedEdit

Tina is the female protagonist in Silent Hill: The Arcade. She is a university student from Portland. She is 21 years old, and is studying to become a teacher in the Department of Education. Tina is outgoing and optimistic. She has an e-mail friend named Emilie, who she communicates with during computer class. Her purpose in coming to Silent Hilll is to meet with Emilie.


It has been widely circulated around the internet that Tina's last name is Townshend, which would imply that she is related to Henry Townshend. The name Townshend is never mentioned in game or on the official Japanese website, however. It is unknown where 'Tina Townshend' circulated from. It is possible that Townshend was mentioned in an early press release for the game, but finding any official traces of it is difficult. It appears to have originated on Wikipedia, having been added November 2007 and removed October 2008.

If Tina is related to Henry, it is possible that she is his sister or cousin. The Arcade takes place in 1993, and Silent Hill 4: The Room can be assumed to take place around 2000-2004. Tina is 21 years old in 1993, and Henry is in his "late twenties" in Silent Hill 4: The Room, thus Tina and Henry would be around the same age. It is possible that Tina is in fact, older than Henry, so it is isn't correct to assume that Tina is younger than Henry.

If Tina is related to Henry, this would also explain the significance of the Spiral Staircase appearing in both games. Both games also share common enemies, such as Mothbats, Tremers, Gum Heads, and the Greedy Worm.